Share Account Fees

Christmas Club early withdrawal $5.00 & close
Vacation Club penalty after two withdrawals per year $5.00
IRA early withdrawal fee Last quarter dividend whether earned or not
Share Certificate early withdrawal fee 90 days dividends, whether earned or not

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

Returned nsf item fee $30.00 per item
Courtesy Pay fee $30.00 per item
Stop payment fee $15.00 per request
Share draft printing fee Varies upon style ordered
Photocopy of check $3.00 per copy
Share draft history fee $1.00 per month
Returned cancelled checks $2.50 minimum charge for up to 32 drafts
$.08 per draft over 32 items

Loan Fees

Loan application fee $5.00 per application
Mortgage loan application fee $100.00 per application
Loan cancellation fee $30.00
Loan extension fee $30.00 (Limit of two (2) per term of the loan)
Home Equity fees Appraisal-$275, Payoff processing fee-other institution-$30, Loan cancellation fee-$30,Title Exanimation fee-$58.00, Recording Fees-$91.00

Other Service Fees

Deposited item return fee $35.00 per item
Wire transfer fee $15.00 domestic         $35.00 international
Money Order/Corp/Cashier Check fee $  1.50 per item
Dormant account fee (no activity for 12 months) $3.00 per month on accounts less than $100
Share account closing $25.00 if open less than 3 months
Certified Check fee $3.00 per check
Account research fee $10.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)
Fax fee $1.00 per page
Corp Check or Money Order stop payment fee $15.00 per check
Reg D fee (over 6 ODFR tran/month) $7.50 per each addt’l transfer
Replace lost Visa debit/credit card $10.00 per occurrence
VISA debit card – PIN request $2.00 per occurrence
Returned statement fee $7.50 per occurrence
VISA Gift Card Fee $3.00 per card
CU Money Prepaid Debit Card Fee $4.95
Reinstate Blocked Debit Card $25.00
Escheat Fee $30.00
Garnishment Fee $50.00
Levies Fee $50.00
IRA Transfer to another institution $25.00