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Fee Schedule

Share Account Fees

Christmas Club early withdrawal$5.00 & close
Vacation Club penalty after two withdrawals per year$5.00
IRA early withdrawal feeLast quarter dividend whether earned or not
Share Certificate early withdrawal fee90 days dividends, whether earned or not

Share Draft (Checking)

Returned NSF item fee$30.00 per item
Courtesy Pay fee$30.00 per item
Stop payment fee$15.00 per request
Share draft printing feeVaries upon style ordered
Photocopy of check$3.00 per copy
Share draft history fee$1.00 per month
Returned cancelled checks$2.50 minimum charge
for up to 32 drafts
$0.08 per draft over 32 items

Loan Fees

Loan application fee$5.00 per application
Mortgage loan application fee$100.00 per application
Loan cancellation fee$30.00
Loan extension fee$30.00 (Limit of two(2) per term of loan)
Home Equity feesAppraisal – $275.00
Payoff processing fee (other institution) – $30.00
Loan cancellation fee – $30.00
Title Examination fee – $58.00
Recording fee – $91.00

Other Service Fees

Deposited item return fee$35.00 per item
Wire transfer fee$15.00 domestic
$35.00 international
Money Order/Corp/Cashier Check fee$1.50 per item
Dormant account fee (no activity for 12 months)$3.00 per month on accounts less than $100
Share account closing$25.00 if open less than 3 months
Certified Check fee$3.00 per check
Account research fee$10.00 per hour(1 hour minimum)
Fax fee$1.00 per page
Corp Check or Money Order stop payment fee$15.00 per check
Reg D fee (over 6 ODFR tran/month)$7.50 per each addt’l transfer
Replace lost Visa debit/credit card$10.00 per occurrence
VISA debit card – PIN request$2.00 per occurrence
Returned statement fee$7.50 per occurrence
VISA Gift Card Fee$3.00 per card
CU Money Prepaid Debit Card Fee$4.95
Reinstate Blocked Debit Card$25.00
Escheat Fee$30.00
Garnishment Fee$50.00
Levies Fee$50.00
IRA Transfer to another institution$35.00